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What People Are Saying About Us...


Captain Terry Wong

Canadian Arrow

"Working with Anne-Marie was a real treat. She not only put me at ease, but she also managed to put an entire school of kids at ease. The kids loved her, and as a result she managed to capture the true spirit of both myself and the kids on film. Thanks Anne-Marie, for making my presentation at Swansea Public School fun and memorable."


Gerry Townsend

Past CEO
Living Arts Center Mississauga

"Sitting for a portrait is to me generally an awkward, uncomfortable and fidgety experience. However Anne-Marie made it fun and relaxing and managed to catch a much more natural photograph of me than the typical business pose. Anne-Marie certainly has the ability to "capture the moment" - whether in a formal setting or a casual family gathering. I recommend her to all my friends."


Figure Skater

Canadian & World Champion

Barbara Underhill

"Her passion, and love for her work is infectious. She is willing to endure any and all conditions to achieve that perfect moment frozen in time....even if it's 5am, very slippery, and minus 10. Thanks Anne-Marie!"


Past Conductor
Mississauga Symphony

John Barnum

"Anne-Marie can get a smile from her subjects but more importantly, has the flair to get the right smile."


Past President
World Vision Canada

Dave Toycen

"Anne-Marie uses a warm, engaging style to put her subjects at ease and thereby create a portrait that is professional without being stiff. Her creativity is also evident when posing group shots and the results have been excellent."

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